Trim multiple audios using macro

I have nearly 1000 audio clips that need to be cut into “3min clips”

each audio is 4min (240s) long and I need to trim each audio clip into 3min clip starting from 60s-240s.

I used following edit steps in macro. Now this removes the unnecessary part (0-60s) from the clip, but it does not trim into 3min long clips.

Any help would be much appreciated.

01 select time End=“240” Start=“60”
02 Trim Audio
03 -END-

Try this:

SelectTime:End="60" RelativeTo="ProjectStart" Start="0"

Thanks Steve.

If I want to remove both ends and keep the section in between 60s-240s, what should I do?
any suggestions

Previously you stated:
each audio is 4min (240s) long
so I assume that the files are “about” 240 s long, and not much more.

Assuming that all tracks are not too much longer than 240 s, I would:

  1. Delete the first 60 s (relative to the start of the project) as previously described
  2. Select from 180 s to around 300 s (includes some empty space beyond the end of the track)
  3. Delete
  4. Export