Trim/Extend clip

This seems like such a basic feature, that I’ve always been convinced that it already exists and I just can’t figure out how to do it. Editors should be able to shrink(trim) and expand clips (called Trimming in other editing platforms and apps). If this already exists, then please make it a basic, obvious tool. If I can’t figure it out, after two decades of editing on just about everything else (Audition, Hindenburg, Final Cut, Premiere, etc), then my students won’t be able to figure it out. If it’s not a feature, ADD IT. It is a huge time saver and basic editing function. To illustrate what I mean, I’ve included a 20 second video of trimming in Hindenburg.

There are two common types of audio production apps.

  1. A “real-time DAW” (digital audio workstation) layers effects and edits onto the track audio and applies them in real time on playback and on export. The audio data is not modified until export.

  2. A “destructive” audio editor, also known as a “sample editor” or “WYSIWYG” editor, applies effects and edits immediately to the audio data.

What you show in your video is typical behaviour for the first type (DAW).
Audacity is the second type.

Future versions of Audacity may support “real-time editing”, but it may be a while as this would be a major shift in the design paradigm.