Tried to save audacity on dropbox and now can't open it

I have read around about saving audacity files and now see that I should definitely have saved my file as an mp3 instead of keeping it as an audacity folder… I saved the project in dropbox and now can’t seem to open it. The aup file is there but when I download it from dropbox it turns into a microsoft word document. The file with the _data is there as well.

I recorded these on my macbook pro OS X which has since crashed. I am trying to download and open them on another mac OS X and have not been successful. I am not sure if the problem is dropbox or my files. I am using audacity 2.0.2

I am desperate to get these back, as they contain the interviews I did for my SR research project that I need to finish for applying to grad school this month.

Any ideas where to start? I cannot do open recent obviously because I do not have the original computer I recorded them on.

should definitely have saved my file as an mp3

Or WAV which doesn’t cause sound damage like MP3 does.

You have Microsoft Word on your Mac?

I don’t remember any complaints about DropBox trying to interpret the files going through it, but I guess it’s possible. The AUP file is a text file. You can open it up and read it with TextEdit, WordPad, or NotePad. Or [shudder] Word.

That’s a very simple project I saved as a graphic to avoid computer screen folding.

Projects are portable, but the _data folder and the aup file need to be in the same place of folder so they can see each other, for example, both on your desktop. Try Right-Click or Control-Click the aup file > Open With > Audacity instead of letting the computer decide.

In Windows, you can get killed by opening the aup file in a text editor, making a change and then saving the new file. The editor might save the new file as MyProject.aup.doc and then hide the .doc part so you can’t see it. That will make any further file management try to open in Word instead of Audacity, but Macs as a rule don’t do that.

You can try forcing your Mac to show you all file extensions.

Finder > Preferences > Advanced > Show all file extensions.

Audacity Projects will not open on older versions of Audacity. You can’t save a Project in 2.0.2 and open it up in 1.3.5. That will not work.

Download and install the latest Audacity to be sure.