treble boost

I am looking for a treble boost for audacity. I know there is a bass boost, but cannot for the life of me find a treble boost. In searching, I ran across people talking about a plug in called “treble.ny”, but I sure can’t find it anywhere. Can anyone help?

You could use the Equalization effect
or alternatively there is a simple tone control plug-in here:
See here for how to install plug-ins:

ok, I put the tone control plug in into the plug in folder, however it does not show up in any of the three tabs, (generate, effect, analyze). Yes, I did close and restart audacity, and I even restarted the computer, it still doesnt show up. I am able to use the equilization plug in with some success, but it seems like too much trial and error.

It should appear in the “Effect” menu (below the “line”).

Did you extract the “tonecontrol.ny” file from the .ZIP archive?
Which version of Audacity are you using?

The “Preview” button is useful, though the default preview length is very short. To increase the Preview length, go to “Edit menu > Preferences > Playback”. I generally find between 5 and 10 seconds to be suitable.
Also, select a “typical” portion of the track that you want to process as a test area - after using the Preview button and adjusting as necessary, click “OK” to apply to the test area. Now listen to the test - if you like it, press Ctrl+Z to undo, Ctrl+A to select All, and Ctrl+R to repeat the last effect (but this time it is on everything). If you don’t like keyboard shortcuts, these functions are also in the menus. If you don’t like the processed test region, Undo and try different settings.

Yes, I did un zip it before putting it into the plug in folder, the file looks just like the rest of the plug in files in there.
I am using Audacity 1.2.6

thanks for the info on the preview button, that will come in handy if I can’t find the tone control.

Ah - too old - that’s the problem.
That’ll also explain why you can’t increase the Preview length.

I would highly recommend that you upgrade to Audacity 1.3.13. Audacity 1.2.6 is really old now and 1.3.13 is a much better program, especially on modern computers.
You can get it here:
You will probably also want the latest LAME (for MP3 export support)
And while you’re at it, you may as well install FFMpeg which provides import/export support for many other file types:

Unfortunately the effect “Preview” is not available for the Tone Control plug-in, but the effect is so simple that you probably don’t need the Preview - just test it on a short selection to determine the right setting before you apply it to the entire file. … and a reminder: Ctrl+Z = Undo (probably the most useful shortcut).

And that (as they say) is the “name of the tune”! PERFECT! That is exactly what I was looking for! I downloaded the new version (1.3.13), added the tone control plug in to the plug in folder, and bingo, I can do what I want to do with some of the old songs that are too bassy. (I thought 1.3.13 was only for vista and 7, not for XP, guess I was wrong.) Thank you so much for your help Steve, I appreciate it.