Treble Boost Effect?

Does it exist somewhere?
Or, alternatively, an effect feature to decrease bass?

Some of my records have way too much bass and I’d like to improve the sound of it.

There is not a separate “Treble Boost” to complement “Bass Boost” but you can use Effect > Equalization instead (or also Effect > FFT filter in Audacity 1.2). FFT filter is almost the same as Equalization except the horizontal frequency scale is different.

Equalization in 1.3 Beta is easier to use than in 1.2. It has sliders as well as a graph and has presets you can reuse. See for the 1.3 Equalizer.


Use equalization to cut bass (frequencies below 200Hz) and/or boost treble (above 2000Hz) …

Yes, this works very well. Now audacity has everything I need!
Thanks for your help!