Transplant vocals from song 1 to song 2

I’m trying to transplant the vocals of a song to over the instrumental part of another song. The song n. 2 is a remake of the n. 1,so they are similar. Can someone giveme some suggestions about how to do that ? thanks.

We can’t take apart a song into individual voices, instruments and sounds. So if you already have the vocal separated, the rest is easy. Let us know.

If you still need to separate the vocals, you might try Effect > Vocal Reduction and Isolation. Your original should be very good quality, in stereo (two blue waves) and not be MP3.


To mix two (or more) files -

  1. Open the 1st file.

  2. file → Import → Audio to bring-in the 2nd track.

  3. File → Export → Export Audio will create a mixed file.

NOTE - When you mix it will get “louder” and you can get [u]clipping[/u]. There a couple of solutions - You can apply Amplify Effect at -6dB to both files to cut the amplitude in half, or you can Export to 32-bit floating-point WAV (which can go over 0dB without clipping), then re-import the mix and Amplify (again with a negative amplification) or Normalize to bring the levels down before re-exporting to your final desired format.

song 1 = original song. here I need to keep only the voice
song 2 = remixed / instrumental part. here I need to remove the voice from the instrumental part

so there are two different problem : on song 1 I need to remove the instrumental part,on song 2 I need to remove the voice…so as first thing that I did has been to import the song 2 and I tried to remove the voice,but the result has been very bad. I can hear clearly that the voice is still there and the instrumental part has been damaged.

I tried to remove the voice,but the result has been very bad

Although there are tools that explicitly say they’re going to do this, the results are usually not very good. The tools work by sensing stereo separation, so anything that messes with that separation like compression, artful production mixing or MP3 causes problems.

For one example, if the production adds stereo effects behind a perfect mono voice, the stereo effects will hang around in the result. Depending on the tool you use, some of the instruments go, too.