Translation to Brazilian Portuguese (Version 2.0.5)...

I use Audacity 2.0.5 and I verified the translation in some menus (Brazilian Portuguese) are incorrect. I would like to correct it but the file pt_BR.po ( is in Version 1.3. Is it possible to correct this file version in the website to the last one (2.0.5)?. Thank you for attention…

Thanks. Unfortunately the Brazilian Portuguese translation has not been updated for nearly two years so we would be glad of your help.

I updated to the latest working audacity.pot from 11 October 2013 so you can update the translation to the strings that were valid for 2.0.5 release.

There may be issues with the audacity.pot creation at the moment so I did not create a new audacity.pot.

The “Project-Id-Version” is set by the translator so it can read anything.

Please note this isn’t the correct address for discussions about translations. Please subscribe to the audacity-translation mailing list at and drop them a line there to say you are updating the Brazilian Portuguese translation. Please post your updated .po file to that mailing list when you are ready.