Translating Interviews


I’m working on a project with my 5th grade class where they interview a family member. Most of my students’ families speak Spanish. I was hoping to have a translator dub over the Spanish speaking parts.

The interviews are already recorded on individual tracks. What would be the easiest way to have a translator record over the Spanish parts?


There may be other ways, but Overdubbing springs to mind immediately.

Overdubbing process was designed so you could play an existing drum track (for example) and sing or play multiple parts to it. First guitar, then voice, then violin…

Normally, each part arrives on its own track divorced from the others except for time. This allows you to tune or adjust each instrument or voice as needed before smashing everything together into a final song.

You would have the original performance on the first track and translation on the next. I understand Spanish and English don’t work out that way (a friend is a court translator), but that may be the easiest way.

Yes, each time you press Record, Audacity will start a whole new track, but only in overdubbing do you hear the original or older tracks while you’re doing it.


Awesome! Thank you so much!

Awesome thread, mate :slight_smile: really handy since I’ve been having trouble with dubbing audio over the years and tend to hire someone else to do it for me. Now I know that Audacity can do it, will be saving my butt off some dollars