Translate for hire

Is there a place to find someone to clean up some audio .mp3 files? You can hear the conversation but the fan noise is overwhelming. I attempted to work with the noise reduction but I just can’t get it right. Is there a place on here where I can send some files and have someone make them more presentable for me?

This sounds like it may be a lost cause.
Human beings are exceptionally good at picking out speech from background noise - to date, people are much better than computers at doing this. If the words cannot be heard by a person, then that is pretty much the end of the line.

If these are important recordings and you are willing to throw a significant amount of money at the problem, then it may be worth approaching a professional transcription service and ask if they are able to make transcriptions (if the audio is too bad for their experienced professional transcribers, they will decline the job). Transcription services can be found through searching the Internet. Many Universities provide excellent transcription services at competitive prices.

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