transforming whispering into normal voices


I am new with audacity and I think I have a very simple question. I have a voice memo and I want to transform the whispering sounds into normal sound so I can hear the conversation. It has to be between 1:00:00 and 1:23:50. I have a WAV File but it is too large too attach. Maybe I can send it throuhg another way.

Please help me out!

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Select the quiet audio, then amplify, if that’s not loud enough (soft) Limiter -6db with make-up gain.

NB: You should read up on Rorschach audio before trying to interpret the whispering.

There is a fuzzy rule that if you can’t understand the words now, Audacity is not going to help. The Zoom people run into similar problems. “Help Me Clean Up” is usually the kiss of death.

Drag-select about ten seconds of the conversation and File > Export > Export Selected Audio > WAV (Microsoft) 16-bit. That will fit on the forum. Scroll down from a forum text window > Attachments > Add Files.