transferring voicemails from android

I need help on how to transfer a voicemail from my android phone and save as audio file. Advice?

Can you hear the messages on a pair of headphones or earbuds? Connect the phone to your computer and record the messages live in Audacity.

If you can hear them, plug a jumper cable such as this…
…into the phone and the blue Stereo Line-In of your computer – not pink Mic-In. If you have a Windows Laptop, chances are good you have no Blue Stereo-Line-In.

If you can hear them but don’t have a Blue Stereo Line-In, plug an adapter cable such as this…
… into the phone and the RCA end into a USB adapter such the Behringer UCA202 that I use. Plug the UCA202 into the computer.

You can hear what you’re doing by plugging your earbuds into the UCA202 and switch to “Monitor.” Switch Audacity to record from the new USB device. If you can’t find it, plug the adapter into the computer, wait a bit and then start or restart Audacity.

One fair warning. There are USB sound adapters such as the Startech ICUSBAUDIO which are designed for a microphone, not stereo audio. They can create sound damage and distortion.