Transferring Audio from a microcassette with adapter

I had no trouble using the vtop capture device with standard audio cassettes. But when I try to capture from a Radio Shack microrecorder I have to use an adapter to connect the vtop capture device to a smaller earphone plug on the microrecorder. It does not work - instead if I disconnect the vtop device what gets on Audacity is the recording directly along with background noise, without being connected to the vtop adapter. The microrecorder seems to be working as a speaker for Audacity to pick up without being connected to the capture device - or anything else. The sound on the audio file is coming direclty from the recorder along with all background noise instead of through the vtop device.

  1. How is that possible?
  2. How can I fix it so that what is being recorded on Audacity is ONLY what is on the recorder using the vtop device instead of playing the tape on the microrecorder and having Audacity pick it up a sound file without any direct connection to my computer ?
    Thank you!

Could be that you’re recording from the computer’s built-in microphone.

You need to tell Audacity to record from your USB (vTop) device …

Ah, thank you! That makes sense as I thought it might be something in Audacity that would fix it. It was just confusing since I didn’t have to do anything when transferring from standard size audio tapes using my boom box and the player.

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