Transfer Voice Memos from iPhone to Mac

I think Apple put a hitch in my get-a-long.

I’ve been recording voice work on my iPhone SE for a while now to great success and convenience. Until the other day. I created a sound recording and the Mac iTunes on my Mini refused to recognize it. The Air laptop is no better.

Well, shucks.

I can see and manage all the old recordings until that date (Memos 1 through 14), but my two new ones (15 and 16) are just invisible.

I can see them and play them on the iPhone, I just can’t transfer them for editing and production.

I have a simple cable from USB to Lightning.

I haven’t tried any of the more exotic solutions (e-mail them to myself, Air Drop). Neither of those services is set up on the phone. I suppose that’s next.

I’ve tried all the solutions that begin, “All you need is.” … and, “You Just.” Those are for people who can’t get any transfers, ever. That’s not my problem. I can get New transfers.

I can transfer pictures with Image Capture all day long. It’s just the memos.