transfer drum m/c tracks to flashdrive via audacity 2.1.2

hi all
i have a 25 yr old yamaha ry10 drum m/c with programmed song backing tracks[ with bass ]

i have the latest audacity on my win 7 laptop.
could someone please tell me if it is possible to transfer these tracks to a flashdrive.
i have a behringer uca 222 audio interface.
there are stereo 1/4 jack outputs and a midi socket on the ry10

You could record the tracks in much the same way as recording a cassette player with Audacity.
There’s a set of tutorials in the manual that cover most aspects of the job:

thanks steve; i checked your link…fine
could you please advise on the memory size i should buy…i have 40 songs with average 3 mins/track;approx. 120 mins total

If you are exporting the Audacity recording as WAV 16-bit (which is lossless and recommended), two hours in stereo is 1.2 GB and two hours mono is 600 MB. If it’s a lossy format like MP3 or M4A then two hours would typically be 120 to 240 MB depending on the bit rate chosen (higher bit rate means higher quality but also larger file size).


sorry gale for late response to your input.

i have a 4gb kingston memory stick which should be suitable for my requirement.

i am not quite sure how to carry out your recommendation.

the only experience i have is downloading mp3 music from you tube and transferring to an mp3 player.

WAV and FLAC are lossless and MP3 is lossy. If you don’t care about degrading the quality of the original drum tracks, then export as MP3. But if there is nothing else on the flash drive then you have space to accommodate either WAV or FLAC, from the information you gave. If you connect your thumb drive, Audacity should see it and you should be able to export directly to it.