I found Audacity because I was looking for an app that would help me listen to an audio file and write the transcript of a conversation (two or three people speaking). I started doing the transcription, and it worked fine. But then I shut down the computer, and this morning I can’t find ANY of the text I produced (10’ of transcription). Furthermore, the sound file is now partitioned in a miriad of small files! Where is everything I did yesterday?
Or did I wrongly believe that I could use this software for transcriptions?

Assuming you did File > Save Project…, open the AUP file, not the AU files in the _data folder. Please see: . The project will include the labels you were typing into as well as the audio.

If you exported a label.txt file, find it on your computer.

If you said “No” to the “Save changes?” question when you quit, and did not export a text file, then you discarded your work.


I found the AUP file, but it contains only the audio. I don’t recall doing the “save project” thing or exporting a label.txt file… Thus I probably lost it all. But then why is the audio file intact???

Oh, and… thanks! :slight_smile:

If you have an AUP file then you either did File > Save Project… or you said “Yes” to “Save Changes?” when you quit Audacity .

I assume you were typing the transcriptions in one or more label tracks ( see ). If so and you did not close the label tracks then the label tracks will be saved in the project.