Win 10
Audacity v 2.1.0
Not sure if it’s .exe or zip.
In the best tradition of multiple learning styles, I’ve been posting both print & audio versions of my podcasts. This works fine when I’m working from an essay I’ve already written, but not so much for the classical podcast format of interviews. Transcription is time consuming.
I have Dragon Naturally Speaking voice recognition software on my computer. Is there a way to interface Audacity with Dragon (they are, after all both using digital renditions of sound) to produce transcripts?

Thanks. Martin.

According to this, Dragon Naturally Speaking can transcribe recorded speech from a sound file (this feature may only be available in the “pro” version - check your user manual).
Assuming that is correct, then you just need to export your recording from Audacity in a file format that Dragon Naturally Speaking supports. The export default format in Audacity is 16-bit WAV and I would suggest trying that.