Hi. I wish to use Audacity for dictation and then to transcribe on to a letter. I have installed Audacity 2.0.3 on a PC (Windows XP, and ran the download) and have dictated a letter and exported it to a file so that it can be transcribed. I can access the file and can click on play to hear my letter but I can’t load it onto a software transcriber. Do you know of any way in which a saved audacity dictation file can be typed up as correspondence? I am currently using ExpressScribe on my pc. Any advice or a work around for this problem would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. :question:

Do you know what format the transcriber software requires?
What happens when you try to load it into the transcriber software?

Hi, thanks for your prompt response.
Our previous method of dictation via the basic M/soft Sound Recorder saved files as a .wav format and Express Scribe works satisfactorily.
When I saved, or rather ‘exported’, dictation via Audacity it was saved as test.aup. When you click on it, it brings up test_datae00d00. This is when Express Scribe does not work.
Hope this makes sense. If you can get back to me asap, that would be great. Much appreciated.

That is an “Audacity Project” file.
There are 2 parts to an Audacity Project, there is the .AUP file (which contains instructions for Audacity but no audio data) and there is the audio data. It is NOT and audio file.

To create an audio file, use “File menu > Export”. The default export format is .WAV.

See here for a full description of Audacity Projects:
See these links for Export details:

Excellent. Many thanks indeed for your assistance. With kind regards.