Tranferring from roland vs890 to laptop pc

What I am attempting here is to move all songs on my Roland vs890 to my laptop pc - windows xp. I downloaded audacity software at first. I am using a roland edirol audio interface cable for your info. When all is connected and audacity is up, I hear nothing from the computer when I press play on the roland. It doesn’t seem to be recognizing the music. A friend was succesful using garageband on his mac with same vs890 and interface connector.

Thanks in advance for any help.

What exactly is that?

Edirol is Roland’s direct box for digitizing audio or grabbing midi, and sticking it on a USB etc.

if he cant hear anything, (and on XP why would you expect anything to work anymore) its probably missing the driver for their unit. Unless his edirol is 20yrs old I bet there never was an XP version. A place to start is Roland’s web site for a driver. If you plug it into Windows XP, a driver error will show up in Device Manager, otherwise it should appear there as Roland yaddayadda. Good luck.