Trak 2 records Trak 1 AND 2, cant get seperation

Ok , In the past Ive made hundreds of recordings on Adobe Audition, Pro tools etc…
In the last couple YEARS, With new computers and new software, I cant get any program to record properly.
I want to record a track, then play back that track while recording another track, without the sound from track 1 also
being recorded. I’m listening to it through headphones while playing, so its not anything stupid like mics picking up the playback track.
I record the 1st track and then create another track and play the 1st track through headphones while recording track 2 live through
the mic.
No matter what I try, I’m still getting track 1 AND 2 recorded onto track 2… Grrrrr!
I want to do regular multi-tracking where I can record a bunch of tracks and then bring them up and down, in and out of the Mix
separately during playback/Mixing.
Im pretty sure its some stupid little thing and I’m just being an idiot.
Several times it has seemed to be working properly during TEST runs, but then it doesn’t work
when I get all set up for an actual session.
I can record ONE perfect track, then all the others have everything on every track.
Please help!

Im pretty sure its some stupid little thing and I’m just being an idiot.

Probably not. Or at least not this time.

Sometimes overdubbing can fight actively with other services on the machine such as Skype or Chat. Make sure all of those are completely shut down and don’t try to start automatically when you restart the machine.

Clean shutdown a Windows 10 machine with Shift-Shutdown. That resets more stuff than a regular shutdown.

If you like to record internet sound, that setting fights with Overdubbing.

You can have apps that re-assign sound pathways.

The overdubbing tutorial tries to guide you through all the setup pitfalls.

Anything in any of those? What your machine is doing is very desirable in many applications—except overdubbing. So its easy to forget you set the machine up that way.


I don’t skype or message or chat on this laptop, just music related …but I will start checking
all the stuff you sent, Tyvm
PS Its a Toshiba with a CORE i3 running Windows 10