Tracks Not Aligned, Latency, Delay

I am using Windows 11 on an HP Envy 360. Audacity version 3.2.3. Using a Yeti USB microphone. Headphones are run through the mic.

Trying to record music track and then vocal track. Vocal track is slightly late, i.e., behind the music (not my own vocal track, as I am from the “close enough” school of music).
I have read many posts, most of which are over my head.
I have set the preferences for “Overdub” and not play-through.
Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

[u]Latency Test[/u] should help (in the future).

To align the tracks already done, if you have multiple tracks open in Audacity you can click & drag the track above the waveform left or right to get them in-alignment.

I just did this.

MME - 131ms
WASAPI - 80ms

I guess it will be much lower compiling an ASIO build.

If it works correctly, the latency with ASIO is set in the ASIO settings. You then just need to set Audacity’s latency correction to the same value as the ASIO buffer time.

Thanks. I have tried running the latency test several times without success. I recorded the “ping” track as instructed and the second track using headphones connected to the laptop and fed into the USB microphone. I tried adjusting the latency compensation but it appears that nothing changed.

Thanks again. I think I made some progress although the closest I have been able to adjust is to 40 samples (1 millisecond). I will keep trying to better that result. I will also test a new recording to see if this adjustment is close enough.