Tracks move out of sync

I’ve imported some tracks to Audacity from a Roland Juno G & have done this many times without problems. The tracks (bass + 2 drum tracks), all step-recorded at 128bpm in the Juno G slowly/slightly move out of sync as the song progresses & I can’t work out why. I’ve changed tempo of the 3 tracks to 128 in Audacity but the problem remains. Any ideas why this is happening &/or how to correct it?

all step-recorded at 128bpm

Sorry, I don’t know what that means…

I’ve imported some tracks to Audacity from a Roland Juno G & have done this many times without problems.

Same computer?

Are you recording via USB audio while listening to the backing-track through your computer/soundcard? Sometimes the clock in “cheap soundcards” is off* a bit. That makes the playback speed different (and playback pitch) from the recording speed and then they won’t sync. (USB bypasses your internal soundcard so you’re not using when recording.)

If you can play the backing track through the keyboard, try that. Otherwise you might need to get an external audio interface.

Or, if you have a desktop computer with a regular soundcard you can try recording analog into the line-input. The soundcard clock is still “wrong” but recording and playback will match on that computer. On another computer the tempo (and pitch) will be slightly off but you probably won’t notice unless you try to play-along with your keyboard or other properly tuned instrument.

Timing and pitch will vary together and musicians often notice the pitch error more than the timing error. But since you’re not playing "notes’ with the drums you don’t get that problem.

Or, sometimes there can be “confusion” between 44.1kHz and 48kHz sample rates, but that’s more rare. You can try changing the Audacity sample rate.


  • No clock is perfect but in a good setup it should stay in-pitch and in-time over the duration of a song. Pros use a very-accurate master clock along with interfaces that have a master clock input.

Some computer software can use the bpm clock signal from your keyboard to keep everything in-sync, but not Audacity.

Skipping : tiny pieces of sound occasionally go unrecorded, the tracks gradually drift out of sync.

First thing I’d try is increasing the CPU-priority of Audacity from “normal” to “above normal”, (but no higher).