Tracks missing from exported mp3 file

I am using XP and installed Audacity from the .exe installed. All tracks in my current project play normally in the project window, but when I attempted to export the project to an mp3 file, the mp3 file was missing some of the tracks. Any ideas? I have exported other projects without any problem. Thanks.

Describe the show. Where the flutes missing? Violins? The vocals? Where did you get the clips from for your show? Did you record all of them yourself – keyboard, guitar, vocal?


I am missing 3 drum tracks and a piano track. All tracks were recorded by myself.

That does not seem to make sense. Could you recheck that the project plays properly and then try exporting again.

That does not seem to make sense.

Yes, that’s what I was getting to. You can’t do that. How are you listening to the Mix Export? Personal MP3 Music Player? Windows Media Player?


I have exported several times with the same result. I also copied the project and data files to another computer, this one running Windows 7, Again the project files played properly within Audacity, but the exported mp3 file was still missing the tracks. I am playing back the mp3 file with Windows Media Player 12.

Did you do File > Export ? … or File > Export Selection (but with only some of the tracks selected) ?

Another possibility: did you have some of the tracks muted? Muted tracks are not exported.

Muted tracks are not exported.

Nor do they play.

Take the missing piano part. That’s on its own track, is mono, has its own blue waves and if you solo that track, the green play sound meter bounces somewhere reasonable – not like, for example in the -50 range?

If you grab the right edge of the meters and pull to the right, they will get really big and easier to see. The other tools will get out of the way.

Stop me if I say anything wrong. Is the piano part mono?

The stereo fader and volume fader to the left of the piano part are at zero? Have you saved the Project? You should probably do that to preserve the tracks and configuration.

[X] delete all the tracks except the funny piano part. Still play OK? Export as WAV (Microsoft) 16-bit PCM (not MP3). Does that play in Windows Media?

Based on the results of all that, I’ll invite you to post the piano part on my web site, but lets see how far we get.