tracks display always with envelope no matter which tool selected

I updated recently to 2.2.1 with the installation of ubuntu 18.04.1, but I think my problem started already earlier - not sure though.
When I open a particular project - a large wav file where I added text annotations - it displays always with stripes in a lighter grey on the sides of all tracks, as I would expect when activating the multi or the envelope tool. Be sure I have clicked all tools not only once to get rid of the stripes, but they would not go away.
This is not the case when I start a new project.
I am not pretending being an expert, not sure if the stripes indicate that only half (0.5) of the dynamic is actually used, but not matter what it is annoying that I can’t control the UI as I would expect.
I have attached screenshots of a “fresh” project and the project that I object.
I would be so grateful if someone could help me at least to understand what is happening to me - being otherwise a frequent user and a loyal fan of audacity.
Bildschirmfoto von 2019-02-18 19-44-30.png
Bildschirmfoto von 2019-02-18 19-43-57.png

That looks like a bug, though I’m not able to reproduce it.
Try holding down the Shift key, then “right click” on the vertical ruler on the left end of the track.