Track volume decreases as I increase another track?

Just as the subject asks, anybody know or guess why my guitar track lowers in volume drastically when I try to raise the volume of the drums track? Thanks people.

MAYBE you have some kind of loudness normalization set-up in Windows that’s lowering the volume when you have loud sounds?

I’m fairly confident it’s not Audacity.

…Unrelated, but note that mixing is done by summation and you mix two full-volume tracks (or anything that’s added to a full-volume track) will cause clipping (distortion). And since Audacity doesn’t have a master volume control, you have to adjust the individual tracks before mixing.

Thanks for your very thoughtful response. Looking for any options in sound settings didn’t turn up the culprit. So re-widening the investigation to include my so far very good UA Volt 4 interface and not letting Audacity or Windows off. I am still flumoxxed and re-pasting the two tracks to a new file makes it even more pronounced with the guitar being totally nulled on every drum hit. Thanks again.



Disclosure here. I am importing the drum wav file from my Nikon camera. I have un-checked every thing I could find on the camera that I can that might affect the sound. I guess the camera is still adding some level control, but how is that affecting this, if it is?
Additional edit. I am now leaning towards the summation being the offender. A little disheartening because I have been using Audacity successfully 25 years and never had this problem. I don’t want to think this build has this problem.

Ok, I guess the nature of my tracks is such that the summation doesn’t do what I always thought it would and I thought it did. So for this project and type of thing I will finally make the jump to Pro Tools. I kinda dreaded this day, but it will sound good when I get the hang of it.

big help! thanks!

aka “loudness equalization”.