Track Sliders for db + or -

It would be so much easier to be able to increase/decrease the db for each track if you could either click once for 1 + or - instead of trying to slide the slider with your mouse. I waste more time trying to go + 5 db or -5 db to balance my tracks so that it sounds el orecchio? These track sliders have become my enemy. It would also be nice to change the db levels at various points throughout the production within a track perhaps tying it to a label marker. Using Amplify/Auto Duck is such a labor intensive effort when you can mark a db increase/decrease to a label track. There are other issues but I’ll try to find an appropriate forum to discuss those. 1) adjusting a single note pitch + or - without damaging the timing. 2) Being able to see the label track in the hours/minutes/sec/etc bar instead of moving the label track up or down so you can see where you are. 3) the slider at the bottom of the tracks in the new version with the black background (which I love) is VERY hard to see. Perhaps a yellow color on the slider and the arrow on each end would be more optically helpful. I love you all. I submitted my first application for a copyright registration for an original song and lyrics using the new version of Audacity. Thank you again. Steve

Double-clicking on the small gain-slider brings up a bigger-version where you can type in the gain setting…
bigger gain slider.gif

Sounds like a job for envelope tool