track size


Mac pro book os 10 .8.5

is there a way to have automomatically the default track this vertical size
Snap 1 P.png
instead of this one
Snap  2 .png
thanks to let me know

It’s not automatic exactly, but you can press Shift-Command-F and all work will fit in the available space. It’s part of the View menu.

You know you’re in Envelope Tool mode right? The blue lines top and bottom mean you can grab them and change the volume of the track and then change music note by note if you want with multiple click points. That can get in the way if you don’t know you’re doing that. Change by clicking the “I” button (upper left of the six buttons). That’s a more normal editing mode.


hello yes envelop tool i knew

thanks a lot .

by the way it will be nice for futur version
to have the wide just under the pan slider .
anyway in my view


There is a Preference to “automatically fit tracks vertically zoomed”. See Tracks Preferences - Audacity Manual.

Sorry I do not understand. Can you explain more?


ok no problems

when i load an empty default track the wide of this track stop just under the pan level
when i load a piece to edit the track appear way wider .
in fact i would like it to appear with the same wide as the empty one .
i send a snap ! my english is limited there.
Screen Shot 2015-06-20 at 8.54.38 PM.png

That is “height”, not width.

Stereo Tracks are twice the height of mono tracks. If you import a mono file its track will be the same height as Tracks > Add New > Audio Track.

Do you want us to add your “vote” for a preference for the default height of mono and stereo tracks?


yes please

thanks a lot for all your helpfull answear

I added your vote to the Feature Requests page on Audacity Wiki.