Track Name field - would be helpful if longer

I’m using Audacity 2.0.3, so I don’t know if this has already been implemented. I’m using Windows XP, SP3.

It would be very helpful if the Track Name field were longer. I usually have a lot of tracks (25-40) with different versions of each one, and the few characters permitted in a Track Name make it tough to clearly identify each one.

I’ve tried using Label Tracks to give me more space to identify the Track, but I have not had good luck with Label Tracks. First, I can never get them to appear where I want them. I select a Track that I want to add a Label Track to and then click “Add Label at Selection,” with the hope that the new Label Track will appear just below the selected Track. But the Label Track always gets added at the very bottom of the screen and I have to move it up. Second, I do a lot of moving Tracks around (up and down), and it’s awkward to move a Track plus its Label Track at the same time. Third, the new Label Track that is inserted often lacks a text field, so I can’t use it. Not sure why, but it happens a lot.

A longer Track Name field would solve a lot for me.

Thanks for a great program and a great forum.

In the current (2.1.1) version of Audacity you can display the track name in the track. See:

Thank you, Steve. That solves it.