Track name above track

Is there a way to disable the new feature where the full track name appears above each track as some sort of “time-shift handle”? It takes up valuable space … half the track… when all tracks are minimized. Further, I don’t want to accidentally time-shift when I accidentally touch this thing.

The track name is already displayed (somewhat truncated) in the track header to the right but, if anyone needs to see the full name, they can always enable “View=>Track Name (on/off)”.

Right. So no, not that I know of. This handle is kind of important to the developers, so I guess you would need to revert to 3.0.5, I believe. Or use a different DAW.

I suppose you could make an enhancement request: Issues · audacity/audacity · GitHub

I’ll stick with the new version for sure. My issue is small and I was just wondering if I overlooked something.

Thanks for the confirmation!

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