Track importing as mono


A month or so ago we built a radio show using Audacity. We recorded voice tracks, imported music tracks, and imported promo tracks. The promo tracks came into the project as stereo tracks.

Today, the same promos are coming in as mono tracks. What’s more, once imported to the project, the options to modify mono to stereo etc are unavailable (“grayed out.”)

I am out of ideas on what to do.


Audacity 2.4.2
Windows 10

additional information:

It appears that the promo tracks are mono tracks that duplicated to both channels to become stereo. (I still have them embedded in a the previous show we did, so I checked).

What I cannot figure out is why the tracks came into the project automatically as stereo previously. And this time they are coming in as mono. And then they won’t allow me to edit them either.

The only explanation I can think of is that you have two versions of the same files - a mono version and a 2 channel (stereo) version. I know of no way to import a file as a stereo track unless the file has two audio channels.

Which option are you referring to?

Which option are you referring to?

There is a pull-down on the track that is grayed out “make stereo track”.