Track control panel printing - W10/Audacity 2.2.2

Hi all
printing a project only tracks are printed: how can I print also the track control panels?
I’m looking for something similar to print screen but for more than one page.

Many thanks in advance

Try the “Screenshot Tools”:

Thanks Steve
but I have to print a project with 40 traces, and with “Screenshot tools” I have to do several print screens and then compose them like a puzzle…
In other words, it’s about to solve this limitation:
“As alternatives, you can use File > Print… to print an image of the current tracks with the Timeline above, excluding the Track Control Panel and vertical scale.”


There is currently development work in progress to enable tasks to be “scripted”, for example, running Audacity from a Python script (or any scripting language that supports “named pipes”). There will probably be a few Audacity releases before this new feature is ready for public release, but it is already being used to automate the creation of screenshots for the manual. Currently there is little documentation, and Audacity needs to be built from the source code to enable the feature, but thought you would be interested to hear that it is on its way (even though probably too late for your current task).

well Steve!
I can wait :slight_smile:

thanks again


Hi Steve
there is some (good) news about this request?


There’s a lot of new stuff in the scripting interface which will be included in the next release. I’ve not looked much at screenshot support so I can’t (yet) comment on that aspect.

There’s some information about scripting support in the “alpha manual”, but currently much of it is "subject to change, and some features will probably be disabled in the next release if considered “too risky” for general release. See these links:

The next release is scheduled for later this month (subject to testing).

ok thanks