Не слышно собеседника на записи.

Хочу записать подкаст, есть отдельный микрофон fifina a8 и обычные наушники тоже с микрофоном. Cтоят настройки мме, микрофон fifine, динамики realtek при таких настройках слышно меня, но не собеседника, если поменять в микрофоне стеромикшер слышно собеседника на записи, а меня нет. Если fifine отключить микрофон и говорить через микрофон наушников слышно и меня и собеседника, но микрофон там плохой.

I want to record a podcast, there is a separate fifina a8 microphone and regular headphones also with a microphone. There are mme settings, a fifine microphone, realtek speakers with such settings, you can hear me, but not the interlocutor, if you change the stereo mixer in the microphone, you can hear the interlocutor on the recording, but I’m not. If fifine turn off the microphone and speak through the microphone of the headphones, you can hear both me and the interlocutor, but the microphone is bad there.

Audacity will only record from one “thing.” If you have multiple performers in your show, you have to arrange for all the sound sources to arrive at Audacity as one channel. Typically, multiple microphones are grouped in a sound mixer and then on to Audacity.

This is also the reason it’s so hard to record Skype and Zoom. Near side and far side are different devices.