Top track silent after Windows 10 upgrade

I recorded an interview. My track was on top; guest’s track on bottom. Everything was fine.
Then I downloaded Windows 10. Even though the waveforms are still there, the top track was silent and only the bottom could be heard. When I switched the tracks, the guest’s track, which was now on top, was silent, and I could hear my bottom track.
I copied that file to a thumb drive and transferred it to my Windows 8.1 laptop. Both tracks played fine.
Back in Windows 10, I put my track back on top, then copied it (after separating the two tracks) and placed it below the second track. The top track was silent. The bottom two could be heard.
Did the update change a sound setting somewhere? Any ideas?

Windows 10 is a very serious change. People discover older software or hardware just stops working because special Win10 versions are now required. So no, it’s not a casual upgrade. If you just can’t keep it running, you might look into rolling the machine back to when it did work.


Did you act on my replies when you wrote to our feedback address?

You may want to check in Windows Sound > > if the computer speakers are a separate device from the built in headphones device (which is what you connect to when you connect the green plug of the headset). If so the computer speakers balance may be incorrect. Right-click the speakers on the Playback tab of Windows Sound, choose Properties, then look at the Levels tab.

If you upgraded to Windows 10 over a previous version of Windows, your built-in audio device will need drivers intended for Windows 10, as supplied by the computer or motherboard manufacturer. Please see: >

If you have the wrong drivers, any unpredictable behaviour may occur.

And have you understood that the Solo/Mute buttons buttons and L…R Pan slider in Audacity have an effect?

There is a button to go back to the previous version of Windows in the Settings app at Update & security > Recovery. That button is there for a month after you upgraded to Windows 10.


Unless I’m missing something, I’ve checked several drivers. They are all up to date, and it states that they are all working fine.

Did you check on the website of the manufacturer of your computer?
Do they provide Windows 10 drivers for your exact model of computer?

Yes, I am aware of the Solo/Mute buttons buttons and L…R Pan slider. I had not touched those before the problem occurred. But after, I moved them around to no effect, then I put them back to their original positions. Nothing seems to have been changed there.

The L…R pan slider should never have no effect. That is another indication something is wrong with your system.

If you need help checking the appropriate web site for audio drivers, please tell us the exact make and model number of the computer.


By no effect, I meant it did not solve the problem.