Toolbar locks up version 3.0 and up

For Audacity 3.0 and up, I have an issue on my HP Windows 10 (64 bit) Notebook, where the Audacity toolbar just completely locks. I can’t click on anything from play to selecting my system input or output. I was able to successfully use 3.0.4 for a few days, but last night I had the lock-up happen again, so I had to reinstall my trusty 2.4.2 version. Any thoughts on what causes the toolbar buttons to freeze up?

Please try the new Audacity 3.0.4 with a new project - the problem may be fixed now: Audacity ® | Downloads

Thanks, Steve. So far so good! :smiley:

Reporting on this again. I’ve worked several days using 3.0.4 with no issues. But now, the past 2 days, when first opening Audacity, I’ve been locked up again. In both cases, the lockup occurred after adding a file (I dragged the file in from a folder, not from Audacity File > Open). Once the file is added, the Audacity screen is fully locked.

Both times, I closed out of Audacity completely (closing the window from my taskbar because even the Close X at the top right of the the Audacity screen is locked). Then I open Audacity again, repeat the steps I took before, and all works fine. I thought you’d like to know…

Thanks for the update mfoster.