toolbar Devices have no input device shown

OS Mint 17.3 LMDE ‘Betsy’
Audacity 2.0.6
Audio driver PulseAudio

The Toolbar ‘Device’ has no devices shown in list. I have selected every device shown in “Edit/Preference/Devices/”. After selecting one, it isn’t shown. The audio system in tray shows Input device as ‘Analog input built-in audio’ and can see that it works when I play a YouTube video. Has this problem occurred before, or am I the first? I hope someone can help me configure Audacity so I can record stream audio.

Thanks for your help,

I’m not a Linux elf, but there is a publication on this.


Are you referring to the device toolbar?

There should be exactly the same device options in there as in “Edit/Preference/Devices”. In effect it is the same control in two different places. :confused: