Toolbar buttons don't react to touchscreen input

First of all, please accept my apologies if the question which I am about to ask is already answered somewhere in the depth of the Internet. I’ve looked for more than a reasonable amount of time but I couldn’t find anything. This is why I am putting all my hopes on you guys:

I run Audacity on a Raspberry Pi 3B+ with the latest version of Raspbian. I do not have the version numbers handy (I am at work right now), but maybe it’s sufficient to say that I downloaded and installed Raspbian last week, and with it came Audacity pre-installed. I presume it is the latest stable version. If the version number is relevant to my problem, I will look it up later.

Everything works fine, if you use a mouse as an input device. However, because a mouse is somewhat of a hassle in my recording situation, I bought an Elecrow 10.1" touchscreen. The screen works perfectly, with one exception: tapping the buttons on the Audacity toolbar (including record and play!) does not work. For some reason, the same “tap” that works as a “mouse click” everywhere else on the screen, is not recognized as a click on the toolbar. Just to avoid any misunderstanding: all other areas of Audacity (and any other application) can be used with the touchscreen!

I really appreciate any help with this problem!

Greetings from Germany

Please let me add that I am using Audacity 2.1.2. and wxWidgets 3.0.2.

This seems to be the only thread without a reply… :frowning:

That’ll be because none of the regular forum helpers know the answer.

Although we know that Audacity can be built for Raspberry Pi, the Pi is not yet officially supported (it is possible that it may be supported in the future, but we don’t currently have the developer resources to properly support Raspberry Pi).

Audacity has no specific provision for touch screen support (on any platform). If the system correctly translates a touch event into a key press event, then the control “should” work, but I’m not sure that touchscreens actually work this way.

I’m guessing that the problem occurs with all of the buttons in the Transport Toolbar. These controls are more complex than “normal” buttons, as they support “themes”, and they are interactive, dependent on what you are doing (for example, some will be greyed out during playback, some will change when the Shift key is down, …)

I don’t have any solution for this problem, but if you use a keyboard, you could use keyboard shortcuts as a workaround:

  • Play / Stop - “Spacebar”
  • Record - “R”
  • Record to new track - “Shift + R”
  • Rewind to start - “Home”
  • FF to end - “End”
  • Pause - “P”

Thank you, Steve! At least now I know that there won‘t be a simple solution. Maybe I will try to build a custom keyboard with just enough keys to start and stop playback and recording. A full keyboard defies the idea of a very compact and easy to use audio station…

Thanks again