Toolbar button icons

Hi, I’m a long time user of Audacity but have only just started to look at improving the icons.
I noticed that some pixel splitting is occuring in the toolbar icons.
pixel splitting.png
Are there plans to modernise these icons?

I would like to fix the pixel splitting and possibly convert the icons to SVG files and get someone to modify the source code so that they can be loaded and scaled at different sizes.
It looks like there are lots of icon suggestions, but we still have the legacy icons that have issues with pixel splitting.

Because Audacity is made to run on Windows, Mac and Linux, the GUI is built using a cross-platform toolkit called wxWidgets ( The BIG advantage of this is that (almost) the same code will run on all three platforms (rather than having to create three different platform specific versions of Audacity). WxWidgets provides “widgets” (GUI elements such as sliders, buttons, layout grids, toolbars …) that take on a look and feel that is similar to “native” widgets - that is, sliders on Windows 10 will look like Windows 10 sliders, but on macOS they will look like macOS sliders. Although wxWidgets allows some degree of customisation of its widgets, images on buttons have to be bitmaps. In other words, the use of bitmaps is a technical issue rather than an aesthetic choice.

Maybe we could try to use an SVG template that can be later on exported to PNG and then consumed in Audacity.
Would that help?