Too much bass on live set recording

Hello all,

Im new to this board and indeed audacity. I used it for the 1st time at one of my nights two weeks ago, the music mainly played is techno and we record the DJs sets through the mixer into my laptop. The first two sets recorded perfectly, brilliant software. The third one was a ‘harder’ set and as such the bass was a lot tougher so on playback although its recorded ok the bass is way too much in parts. Is there anyway I can ammend this after I’ve recorded it, or what can I do to prevent this in the future. As I record the sets live I cant go back checking them, I have to wait until I get home, so it has to work first time. Thanks all, Jon

You can use the Equalizer effect to reduce the bass.

This can be a bit tough with live recording. I’m guessing that the recording was in a loud environment, so in terms of “monitoring” the recorded audio you are very much at the mercy of how accurately you can hear the sound that you are recording. If the mix has the bass whacked up for the sake of the live sound, and that is what you are recording, then the recording is going to be bass heavy. As long as the recording level is kept such that it avoids distortion then you should be able to compensate reasonably well using Equalization.