too loud recording

I have windows 10, Audacity 3.2.2. This is a great tool! I probably know this answer already - live music audio recording volume was too high so that there is a LOT of static in the recording. Is there anything I can do to eliminate or reduce the static using Audacity?

If you go over 0dB* while recording you [u]clip[/u] (distort) the analog-to-digital converter.

There is a [u]Clip Fix Effect[/u] but it’s imperfect because there is no way to know the real unclipped wave height or shape.

Ideally, you should leave plenty of headroom during recording to avoid clipping. After recording you can normalize (“maximize”) if you want.


  • The 0dB digital reference is basically the digital maximum so the digital levels are usually negative (although Audacity can internally-temporarily go over 0dB). 0dB SPL (acoustic loudness) is approximately the quietest sound that can be heard so SPL levels are positive.

I found there is a service can restore “damaged clipped” sound, but it has time limitation.
It claims that they can restore instrumental and human voice.
I tried many cases and found instrumental one provides about 15k which is somewhat acceptable, and voices restoration is just under 8k.
But its all good for me, cause I simply use exciter to produce higher frequency domains.
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Cause I’m a cylinder fan, and I found its restoration is extremely useful.
This is from their channel ([link removed])
If you compare its demo from UCSB’s original file, you will notice most damaged human voices and piano actually have been restored very well.