Too compressed Rejection

I will master and send to ACX again

ACX wants all your chapters to match.

I did the record early morning when it was really quiet.

That leaves room echoes.

I can give you the basic ideas very fast.

1/2" PVC Plastic Pipe.
72" by 80" Heavy Furniture Moving Pads.
Four PVC Corners.

Screen Shot 2019-05-15 at 4.27.55.png

Cut the pipe into 8 lengths, each 20". Push the pipe and corners together into a square cave.


Throw furniture moving pad over it to cover top and three sides. Put the microphone in the middle and talk into the open side.

– Next improvement is two pads and lay one pad on the table under the cave. You should do this one!

– Next improvement is three pads and throw two pads over the cave.

– Next improvement is four pads and hang one pad on the wall behind you.

And that’s as good as you can do with plastic pipes and furniture moving pads.

You are making one of these.

One poster tried blankets from his bed and it didn’t work right. They’re not heavy enough.