Tone Generator Amplitude Setting


I would like to set seperately two stereo track of sinewave 1kHz with 0dBu & 10dBu level. But, the amplitude setting in the tone generator is from 0 to 1. How can I configure this 0dBu & 10dBu level. Take note 0dBu is equivalent to 0.7746v. Thank you.


One signal has to be 3.16 multiple of the other.
Thus parameters to Tone could be e.g. 0.8 and 0.253.

(I computed that by the following unix command (you might guess l means log, e means exp):
echo ‘0.8 / e( 10 /20*l(10))’ | bc -l

Alternativelly, make both signals with the same parameter,
and Effects>Amplify one of the by -10 dB

Note that your exact output levels depend on your output level settings and, I think, also on your sound card.


For those actually interested in the setting of audio level, the following is the conversion.

20log ( x/refrence) = 0dBu
First step is to find the reference level

If supposing 0dBu also equivalent to -24dBFS
We will get 20log (x/reference) = -24dBFS
(x/reference) = inverse log (-24/20)
(x/reference) = 63.0957mv
So, if taking reference = 1, our x = 63mv and this is equivalent to 0.0630957 setting on the Audiocity for tone singal level.

Now say if based on this reference setting, we want to set a level at -20dBFS
-20dBFS = 4dBu
20log (x/reference) = 4
So taking reference as 63mv, we will get x as 100mv and this is equivalent to 0.1 setting on Audiocity for tone signal level.

This is just some of my findings, hope it helps.