Tone generator accuracy

is tone generator in Audacity accurate? I mean when I generate sinus/100 Hz - will it generate just 100 Hz signal or 100 Hz + harmonics or other frequencies? I can hear other frequencies not only 100 Hz and I wonder if it’s just the way audacity does it or am I doing something wrong

Yes, very accurate.

Nothing is “perfect”, but the error margin is in the order of 0.00000000001%.

Most likely due to your playback system and/or the listening environment.

Yeah… It’s probably your speakers distorting, or maybe you are overdriving your amplifier. If that’s the problem, lowering the volume should help.

Hi-Fi speakers with 8-inch or larger speakers should have no trouble reproducing 100Hz. On the other hand, the speakers built-into a laptop or cell phone won’t go that low. Most headphones should also handle 100Hz easily.

Or try 1kHz. At mid and higher frequencies, it takes less power to get sound and of course it doesn’t require a big speaker.

If you go down to 20Hz or so, MOST speakers/amplifiers will distort before you get a “useful” signal out.