Today no longer able to record sound

Been using and updating Audacity for several years as a non-professional. Main use is converting my CD & MD to digital files for in-car playback library. But today cannot make sense of what is wrong, so reinstalled and did a system restore, but no change at all. This is very strange as it has been working perfectly earlier this week.

The Details:-
Basically, when I hit Record it no longer senses any input, and the recorded blue track is a flat dead line.
Observing the Recording Levels display line, I can see the green input signal is there for a few millisecs only. That bar-chart has two small virtical blue limit lines (not the big limit slider on right. As soon as the sound hits these blue input lines at -48/-42 the green bar disappears.

I guess if I can move or raise the blue input level markers this would stop the sound input being tripped off. But I cannot find this setting anywhere. Furthermore, I have not adjusted any settings for perhaps over a year. So maybe this is Windows 10 protection somehow - which was why I did a System Recovery today.

---------------------------------------------------------- 54 green & 42 blue ----- just here --------|

  1. Have you selected the correct device to record with? After plugging in your device, restart Audacity or do Tranport > Rescan Audio Devices.
  2. Check that Windows is receiving the audio: [WindowsKey]-R, mmsys.cpl, Recording Tab, check the bar meter to the right of your device.

I am grateful for support Jademan, I was losing all hope after reinstalling Audacity+Device Drivers+testing other software, etc, etc. They all pointed to my own input-status and not to any of the aboves. Sleeping on it I concluded it must be cabling and today ripped back all the hidden looms to discover an audio cable was half in half out of it’s socket. I just finished putting all back with a vacuum of all the dust and fluff.

So thanks again and will no close the thread.

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