to create a multi channel wav file

Is it possible to create a multi channel wav file from a 2 channel wav.
Now I have a 2 channel wav file.
I want it to be like a eg. channel 1, channel 2, channel 1, channel 2, channel 1, channel 2, multi channel wav file.
If audacity is available to do this, please help me.

See here:

In addition to Steve’s reply, what effect you are trying to achieve?

Audacity can create multi-channel files but can only play them in stereo. Do you have a sound card that has multiple output channels?

What you are describing is three separate stereo files (channel 1, channel 2). Multi-channel files usually have front-left and front-right (like normal stereo left and right) then other channels like front-centre, back-left, back-right.

If you want more channels you will need to use the Track Drop-Down Menu to split stereo track, giving you separate left and right, then use Edit > Duplicate as you wish and modify the duplicates how you wish.

After choosing “Use Custom Mix” as Steve described, you can choose how to map the tracks to channels when you export.

This page tells you to which speakers each channel in your multichannel file will play, according to the surround sound configuration you have: .