Tips to improve a VoIP call

Any tips on how I can improve my guests voice (recorded VoIP) for podcast quality?

My guest’s audio recording on Zencastr, which records podcasts in studio-quality from your web browser ( did not save for some reason and I was unaware until after the call had ended
(Zencastr support said: “As for the cause, this can be due to the user’s Local Browser Storage. Your guest must have enough local browser storage to properly record.”)

Zencastr sent me a backup of the guest’s audio stream from the VoIP call, saying ,
“This file is the audio that was streamed over the internet during the call so the quality is not going to be as high as a local recording”.

Prefer not to have to re-record.

Greatly welcome all tips and advice on improving the quality of this audio :smiley:

Thank you

from 25 to 29 seconds there’s no recoverable voice except the Scottish man saying “yup” at 28seconds.
25-29 seconds no voice except 'yup'.jpg

Hi Trebor,

Ah, sorry this is just a very short clip of my guest speaking and responding to me, not the full audio (I have not shared my voice/track here) to give an example of the sound quality.

The ‘yup’ is just a response to me talking.

I am looking for advice on how I can improve the quality of the sound.
Thankfully, my guest has a good strong voice and so I am hoping I can get away with adding some effects to just make the quality sound a little better :slight_smile:

Thank you

#1: Compression, to make volume louder & more uniform …
compression settings suggestion (both boxes ticked).jpg
#2: De-essing , (particularly as compression will have made sibilance louder)
de-esser settings (specific to ScotDoc).jpg
#3: Limiter (without make-up gain) to ensure 1dB headroom.

Thanks so much - this is awesome :smiley:

i have posted on the original de-esser post also, but please could you tell me when installing the nyquist plug-in, should I ‘allow’ or ‘disallow’ overwriting?

Should leave it on the default of ‘disallow’, unless you want to permanently replace a plug-in with the same name, see …

Desibilator is essentially Paul-L’s De-Esser, but Desibilator won’t replace it as they have different names …
Paul-L's ''De-Esser'' & ''Desibilator'' co-existing in effects list.png

okay great, thank you!