Tips for Aligning Tracks

I combine recordings from two different devices, and I need to line up the tracks.

Ideally, I’d mark the same event on both tracks, and then choose to align them. But there is no way to do that. In fact, I haven’t found a good way to use the Align Tracks command to assist here.

I currently use the Time Shift Tool, to move one of the tracks, and listen until I don’t hear any “reverb.”

Can you tell me how you handle this?



As an example of one way to do that; lets say that I want to align these two tracks so that the fades and the rectangular bits line up correctly. The beginning sections are different lengths.
There is an easily identifiable “event” which is the start of the rectangular section at the end, so I’ll zoom in really close on that point and create a “split” (“Edit > Clip Boundaries > Split” or Ctrl + i)

Zooming back out a bit it now looks like this:
Now switching to the Time Shift tool I can drag the top rectangle to the right so that the start of this section lines up with the split line in track 2. When it is aligned exactly a yellow line will appear:
Now grab the first part of track 1 and drag it up to meet the part that we’ve just moved.
Finally, joint the clips back together again. You can do this by clicking on the splits with the normal Selection Tool.