Tinny sound in audacity but nowhere else?

Using 2.2.2 right now.

When I use Audacity to edit sound, my voice sounds like it’s in a tin can. But when I use audacity on a different computer and the same file, the tin can sound is gone. When I listen to music or youtube or other things on my computer, it sounds fine. When I export from audacity, it sounds fine. The tin can sound makes it hard to edit. Anyone know if there’s a setting somewhere I missed?

There can be Window’s audio-enhancements on recording & playback tabs :
they should be turned-off for faithful sound-reproduction, see …

Thanks for the reply! I don’t have an enhancements tab. Also, playing the same file in windows media player, it sounds normal. It’s only when a file is played in audacity that it sounds strange. I thought that would mean it was an audacity issue, but i’m open to any windows suggestions.