Tinny & morse code sounds


I have Windows 7 and Audacity 2.0.3 but am not sure about the installer, etc.

I’ve looked through FAQ and can’t find an answer to this question:

My biz partner is recording with a Gabra headset into same Audacity set-up as above and the mp3 she sent me has a high-pitched sound and occasional echoes of what sounds like morse code!?

We’ve looked at every option we can but can’t make it go away. Can anyone help?

Thanks, if so, Judy and Carol

Can you post a short representative sample of the damaged sound?



Thanks very much! Here’s the short file… Judy & Carol

That’s some sort of electrical interference, most likely from the computer or, if it’s a laptop from the power supply.
This is a common problem when using the built-in sound card because the sound card circuitry is jammed in amongst all of the (electrically noisy) digital electronics.

Laptop computers often record better when running on batteries.

USB headset / microphones often produce much “cleaner” recordings than the built in sound card.

Also, the recording level is rather low. The recommended recording level is for the loudest peaks to be about half the height of the track, so still keeping a reasonable amount of “clear space” above and below the waveform on the track, but about 3 x bigger (10 dB higher) than that example.