Tinny/hollow/shallow recording suddenly windows 11

I have been using audacity for recording audiobooks for three years on chromebook with no problems, now i have windows 11 and for the last week it was absolutely brilliant.
Today as well I had a good recording (to my standards) but in the evening, suddenly my recording sounds tinny and hollow as if I set the noise reduction. I have notices that when I record, it usually reached the 19000 on the left (i really don’t know what it is, i can send screenshots, as i am an absolute ignorant…) not it barely reaches 7000 (this kind of bar on the left, looks like measure, jesus i know how i sound…)
please help me

Windows updates can re-enable Windows “audio enhancements”,
which should be off if you want faithful recording & playback

Thank you, I have disabled all one by one and it seems to have helped :blush:

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