Timing Correction Plug in. Does it exist?

Hello Friends

I’m using Audacity to record my arrangements and compositions for classical guitar ensemble and I absolutely love it! Thank you!

When recording for 7 or 8 guitar parts on a time limit, it is almost impossible to get everything in time. In Mac’s ‘Garageband’ there is a timing correction tool which allows you to link the audio notes to a given rhythm within a bpm. Does such a thing exist as a plug in for Audacity? At the moment, I’m making corrections by shifting individual notes where needed and it’s very tedious and time consuming.

Thank you!


Not that I’m aware of. Certainly not built into Audacity, but I guess there could be third party effects.

Check that you have “latency correction” set up accurately (http://manual.audacityteam.org/man/latency_test.html)
When that is set up correctly, tracks will be accurately synchronised, providing of course that the tracks are played accurately in-time.

When recording overdubs, it is often helpful to work with a click track, and have that quite loud in your headphones while you play.