Timeshift doesnt work as it should

It appears that the timeshift tool is not working or is poorly designed. I imported 2 tracks and now want to shift the second one forward 5 secs. I then to CTRL+I to split first track and move forward which works great. I now want to do the same for track 2 but I cannot move anything forward after splitting that track too. However, I can move the leftpart of the split BACKWARD but I cannot move the rightpart forward. So I am thinking that perhaps it is time to split the tracks and move parts of this righthand segment forward so I do that but this third track, I cannot move at all in any direction? Why is it locked? Why cant I shift everything exactly how I want it?

Because there’s something in the way.
My guess is that there is a tiny bit of audio in the track as a separate clip, that you can’t see at your current zoom level. Try zooming in close on the invisible block.